Active IP components

The video components play an important role in the security concept that we promote.
We work according to strict standards; the components we use are always:

  • self-managed
  • intelligent
  • ruggedized

By ensuring these three levels of quality, we can always rely on every device, even when a sister-component fails, or when communication with a central server is down. Using IP-6x class material guarantees longer operation and less connectivity trouble in the long-run.



We strongly recommend the use of IP cameras over analog ones. These cameras have an adaptable level of intelligence and work according to our high quality standards. By enhancing the intelligence inside the camera, we are able to build greater camera networks, not facing the limits of an analog camera system.

Our portfolio holds several brands and models of IP cameras, including fixed, movable, ruggedized and dome cameras for both inside and outside buildings.

IP cameras also open doors to a broader horizon through their megapixel resolutions.

Some cameras will even pass audio and i/o triggering through the same IP mesh used for the video.

Access controllers


We support all kinds of identification techniques. Our controllers offer several recognition techniques among which badge-reading and fingerprint reading.
Here again, we promote “full-IP” hardware. The use of Power over Ethernet guarantees an easier installation and an uninterruptible system.
In case of existing readers, we can convert the credentials and users to our platform using IP-controllers.

Video encoders


When facing existing large video infrastructures, we work with present analog systems and adapt their signals to our IP platforms. We thus create a hybrid, yet unlimited surveillance system, using both old and new technology. Video encoders add the required intelligence to an analog camera.

Intercom, data and voice over IP


We can transfer intercom signals, including door monitors, door latches and full-duplex voice over our IP networks.

HVAC and building management components


Our expertise in the IP sectors has led us into broader fields such as the integration of parallel building management components. We are thus capable of integrating HVAC, fire control, temperature sensors or any other kind of building management component. Everything in your building can be controlled, triggered and monitored through our systems.